Seattle Antifa rioter says property destruction is not violence

Seattle Antifa rioter claims destruction of property isn’t violence

Shortly after the media compared broken windows and doors at the U.S. Capitol with Pearl Harbor and 9-11, an Antifa rioter involved in trashing downtown Seattle on Inauguration Day said property destruction does not count as violence.

Only three people were arrested on Jan. 20 on charges ranging from property damage to felony assault in the aftermath of the Seattle rampage, but one of the demonstrators downplayed the property destruction, telling KOMO that she doesn’t “think you can be violent against a window.”

“Direct action is beyond the picket signs in the streets,” she was quoted as saying to the local news outlet. “It’s taking that a step further (and) it’s willing to be confrontational, if needed.”

Seattle police said the rioters, who used umbrellas to conceal each other as they destroyed property, were dressed mostly in black.

“The reason people dress in black bloc is not to be scary,” the Antifa militant explained to KOMO. “If we are all (dressed) similar, then we are safer together. And people have legitimately had death threats made against them and threats against their family.”

Vandalism, looting and arson have plagued the United States since last summer, when wall-to-wall media coverage of protests over the death of George Floyd drove the destruction to a fever pitch.

But leftist destruction is good and forgivable, leftists maintain. R.H. Lossin, a teacher at the The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, wrote in The Nation that it’s unfair to liken violence against people to property damage, which intimidates and damages people financially.

When asked why Joe Biden had remained silent on the riots that marred his Inauguration Day, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “President Biden condemns violence and any violence in the strongest possible terms.”


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