Second-largest defense contractor tells white workers to read article that says, ‘defund the police’

Next-Gen Jammer was manufactured at Raytheon Technologies’ Forest, Mississippi, facility.

Bomb and missile maker Raytheon Technologies has strangely made itself into a spokesman for aggrieved black people – by subjecting white employees to a withering scolding about their “privilege.”

Leaked document show the second largest U.S. defense contractor telling employees to “identify their privilege” and to “develop intersectional allyship” in a training course.

Led by CEO Greg Hayes, Raytheon’s campaign called “Stronger Together” was revealed through training documents reported by Chris Rufo, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, as reported by

Employees are to value “equity” over “equality” and embrace “intersectionality,” an attitude that critics say separates people into categories of oppression based on race, gender, sexual preference and other factors adored by the left.

In one document, the company warns darkly that straight white men are the most privileged, and the least oppressed. A training slide outrageously instructs white employees to “identify everyone’s race” during workplace exchanges about race.

“Someone’s race or ethnicity isn’t a taboo topic,” the slide advises. “Talk openly about it to appeal to people’s conscious values and challenge their unconscious biases.”

Only be careful of just how openly you talk: The training materials tell whites to “listen to the experiences” of “those with marginalized identities” and to “give them the floor in meetings or on calls, even if it means silencing yourself.”

The material also offers helpful tips on what white people should and should not say to their black colleagues.

“I can’t wait for things to calm down and get back to normal” is a forbidden remark, but “I realize my discomfort is a fraction of what you’re feeling” gets a thumbs-up.

Along with asserting that black people are “exhausted, mentally drained, frustrated, stressed, barely sleeping, scared and overwhelmed,” the training document also recommends an article called 75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice that encourages white employees to “defund the police,” “participate in reparations,” “decolonize your bookshelf,” and “join a local ‘white space.'”


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