Sen. Cruz offers bill to end CRT training in the federal workplace

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On Friday, Biden issued an executive order mandating diversity training programs in all federal agencies. Such training is often referred to as Critical Race Theory (CRT) by critics of the program.

On the same day as Biden’s executive order, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced a Senate bill that would prevent the U.S. Government from funding CRT in federal workplaces.

Cruz blasted Critical Race Theory as “Marxist ideology.”

His bill is similar to legislation introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT)

Called “Ensuring Non-Discrimination by Defunding Critical Race Theory Act,” Cruz’s bill would prevent federal funds from going to “any Executive agency” that teaches the tenants of CRT.

“The federal government has no right to force a political agenda onto Americans, especially one that aims to tear down our institutions and divide us based on race. Critical Race Theory originated out of the critical race studies movement. It is a Marxist ideology that sees the world as a battle, not between the classes – as classical Marxism does – but between the races. This is inherently bigoted,” Cruz said upon introducing the bill.

“Critical race theory is, at its core, anti-American, discriminatory, and based on Marxist ideology,” the bill states.

The bill says CRT is linked to Marxism because it teaches that American society is splintered into two groups of citizens, “the oppressed and the oppressor.”

Furthermore, CRT shares the Marxist strategy of undermining capitalism, western values, property rights and natural rights.

The bill cites the story of employees at the Department of the Treasury being told, “all White individuals in the United States are complicit in White supremacy.”

Millions of tax dollars have already been squandered to train federal employees into accepting “divisive, anti-American propaganda,” the bill states.

Furthermore, the bill states that some of those training sessions have told federal workers it is racist to believe “that America is the land of opportunity” or “that the most qualified person should receive a job.”

If passed, the bill would reinstate President Donald Trump’s executive order 13950 issued last September that prohibited federal agencies, federal contractors and federal grant recipients from providing CRT training.

“EO 13950 and the September 4, 2020 memorandum stood as a direct rebuke of so-called ‘critical race theory,'” the Cruz bill states.


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