Six BLM protesters are arrested for tearing down George Washington statue

Footage of the incident showed the bronze figure with red bands around its neck as a group pulled it to the ground in Grand Park last Thursday shortly before 7pm

The defacing and toppling of a statue of George Washington in a Los Angeles Park, part of a rash of hate-America protests and riots that has swept the nation in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, has led to several arrests.

Six protesters were arrested in connection with the anti-American vandalism earlier in August, according to an item on MailOnline. Video of the crime showed the life-size figure of America’s first president with bands around its neck as several rioters tried to pull it to the ground.

“Slave owner” and an anarchy symbol were also spray-painted on the base of the statue.

The people involved changed clothes in an attempt to evade authorities moments after the statue was toppled in Grand Park on Aug. 13, police said.

Protesters have been tearing down statues across the country as part of demonstrations that followed George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in May. Washington, the first U.S. president, owned African-descended slaves.

The L.A. police department said the “group, including the six people arrested, cheered and celebrated as others vandalized and spray painted the statue” shortly before 7 p.m.

Those arrested are Anna Asher, 28 and Barham Lashley, 30, both of North Hollywood; Andrew Johnson, 22, of Glendale; Elizabeth Brookey, 20, of Burbank; and Emma Juncosa, 23, and Christopher Woodard, 33, both of Los Angeles.

The George Washington bronze statue in L.A. is one of 30 replicas that were made of a 1796 sculpture in the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. It was given to L.A. in 1933. 

In June a statue to George Washington in Baltimore was defaced with red paint, and numerous other statues have been pulled down in leftist riots.


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