Students at London college vote to ban beef to protect the climate

Students at the London School of Economics have voted in favour of banning beef from the campus following a meeting. Some 243 members of the 12,000 student population of the college supported the proposal made by a member of Peta

It is the leftist creed: When you know you’re right, you must take control of the lives of others. In a stunning example of the creeping tyranny of the minority, all beef products have now been banned from the London School of Economics, reports Mailonline.

A vote on the subject was proposed by PETA representative Phoebe Woodruff, who in typical tyrant fashion plans to expand her rulemaking: She now wants meat of all kinds banned from the university. 

The college, the fourth-ranked university in Britain, has almost 12,000 students. The meat ban proposal was supported by 243 people. Some 170 voted against the proposal while 47 abstained: a 52.8 per cent majority for the ban.

The Holborn location is the latest campus to see a vote on banning beef, after campaigns at Goldsmiths – part of the University of London – and Cambridge succeeded.

A small number of students at the University of East Anglia voted for a beef ban but the effort was stopped in its tracks when the main student body became aware of the proposal. Students in Edinburgh have also voted down a proposed beef ban.

Woodruff, who proposed the motion at LSE said: “Since beef is only the leading contributor to climate change and environmental degradation of all animal products rather than the sole culprit, the LSESU should also set an aim to phase out all animal products from its cafes, dining halls, and catering orders while increasing more environmentally friendly, plant-based options.

In a statement following the vote, PETA claimed: “Raising and killing cows for their flesh is also destroying our planet. The production of beef is responsible for more greenhouse-gas emissions than that of any other food – a staggering 40 times more than the production of beans or peas.”


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