Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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N.J. governor giving millions to Planned Parenthood after Trump’s pro-life ruling

Take warning, New Jersey residents, your leftist governor and lawmakers are dumping millions or your dollars into the faltering Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood to open health clinics at 50 Los Angeles schools

Under increasing pressure across the nation and from the Trump administration, Planned Parenthood is maneuvering into the friendly environment of public schools.

Planned Parenthood launches abortion-finder tool

Having learned that one of the most-searched phrases on its website is “abortion near me,” Planned Parenthood has launched a new online tool called...

Planned Parenthood under increasing pressure in Ohio

Every passing legislative session in Ohio is making abortion a little less legal, and an official of Planned Parenthood in the state said the...

Missouri on brink of being first state without abortion clinic

A hearing beginning in St. Louis this week could result in Missouri becoming the first U.S. state to be without at least one abortion...

Clinics choose defiance of Trump abortion rule over helping patients

Hundreds of health clinics have spurned a new Trump administration rule against referring patients to abortion services ... and have lost their funding. The...

Planned parenthood will spend $45 million in 2020 to help elect...

Planned Parenthood has unveiled a new $45 million campaign focused on backing candidates that support abortion rights in local, state, and national races.

Georgia pro-life supporters begin 40-day vigil outside area clinic

Shawn Carney, a leading pro-life supporter and creator of the “40 Days for Life” project encouraged more than 200 people to fight for outlawing...