Teacher performs a drag dance to entertain students, says he has no regrets

Matthew Kashdan/ Facebook

As progressives continue to mock the growing awareness that U.S. public schools have been turned into homosexual training camps, along comes French teacher Matt Kashdan, who has resigned from a Wisconsin school after a clip of him dancing in drag appeared on social media.

Kashdan, who taught in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, was videoed performing for students in red-heeled boots and a sparkling blue dress as part of a “Fine Arts Week” at school.

Adding to that, after the performance caused a firestorm Kashdan boasted of how some students became his gay crusaders at school.

“The coolest thing was that when I went back to school after all of this media stuff had happened, all around the school there were these signs posted saying we support you, LGBTQ rights matter,” Kashdan told WKOW.

That is, he was pleased to see homosexual activism crowding out math, science, history, reading, writing and actual thinking.

“People were calling me a groomer, people were calling me a pedophile, people are calling me a narcissist,” Kashdan said of the firestorm he created when he danced to an Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga song as part of the talent show, which he made into his own sexual showcase.

He said he has no regrets and called the criticism “homophobic.”

Parents who saw the show on social media said that it was not appropriate for school, did not serve the school’s educational purposes, was not even “fine art” and should even cause parents to pull their children from school and file lawsuits.

Interestingly, while school officials said he had resigned from his position following the drag performance, they claimed the two incidents were not related, according to the Washington Examiner.


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