Tech billionaires of Twitter, Facebook, Netflix give millions to Marxist Black Lives Matter

co-founded Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors

Black Marxist celebrity Patrisse Cullors, beneficiary of instant fame when the woke media embraced her Black Lives Matter group, is being funded by big-tech companies that shovel money to her while she uses her temporarily high profile to benefit their causes.

Tech billionaires who made fortunes from Facebook, Twitter and Netflix have given at least $7.5 million to groups tied to Cullors, who in turn publicly backs their policy goals, a new report reveals.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and Patricia Ann Quillin, wife of Netflix’s billionaire CEO, all gave lavishly to Cullors’ PAC and related charities, the New York Post is reporting.

Cullors has in turn advocated strongly for “net neutrality,” which would benefit online content providers such as Netflix and the social media sites which first posed as communication channels but turned out to be rife with censorship, surveillance, falsehoods, bias and manipulation.

The cozy arrangement has even seen Twitter and Facebook censor criticism of Cullors. Facebook went so far as to block sharing of a article about a controversy over her costly real estate holdings.

Of the donors named in the Post article, Moskovitz and his wife, Cari Tuna, have given the most: more than $5.5 million from 2017 to 2020, according to public records cited by the Post.

Moskovitz, 36, was a co-founder of Facebook. He left the company in 2000 but retained a 2 percent stake that puts his net worth at some $20 billion.

His donations went to Dignity and Power Now, a nonprofit started by Cullors, and Reform LA Jails, a California PAC she co-founded to lobby for civilian oversight of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Twiter’s Dorsey, with an estimated net worth of $14 billion, gave $1.5 million last year through his #startsmall philanthropy initiative.

That money went to Black Lives Matter and The Movement for Black Lives, an array of activist groups founded by Cullors.

Quillin, the wife of Netflix billionaire Reed Hastings, donated $250,000 to Reform LA Jails in 2020.


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