Tucker Carlson says Jan. 6 detainees are ‘American prisoners of war’ and are being tortured

Jan. 6 Capitol Hill protesters.

The leftists who seized near-total control of the U.S. government in early 2021 are treating people arrested in the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill protest just like jihadis at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a documentary by FOX News’ Tucker Carlson.

The report is behind a paywall, and was reported by DailyMail.com.

Carlson claims those imprisoned for involvement in the Capitol Hill fracas are being tortured both mentally and physically while they await trial. He called the rioters “American prisoners of war” and said the U.S. “War on Terror” has turned into a purge of Americans who were patriotic and fired up enough to storm the Capitol after a corruption-ridden presidential election.

“Suddenly America has political prisoners, American citizens. Some of whom committed no violence whatsoever on January 6, remain rotting in pre-trial detention in one of the worst jails in the country,” Carlson reported in the third episode of his Fox Nation documentary.

Richard Barnett, 61, photographed sitting triumphantly at the desk House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Jan. 6, is now waiting for trial inside his Arkansas home after being released to house arrest. During his incarceration, he said, he was “physically abused. I’ve been slammed face-first on the concrete.”

“I had inmates wanting to stab me. They’re telling me they’re going to kill me. One of the guards at one point even threatened to come here and harm my wife… I’m not saying this for pity, I’m a strong man. You did not hurt my spirit.”

In the Washington D.C. jail where he was held, Barnett said, he was beaten by prison guards, held in “disgusting unsanitary conditions” filled with black mold and ignored when he feared he was having a heart attack.

On another occasion, a prison guard allegedly referred to Barnett’s wife by her first name and “told Richard that he was going to get on a plane to Arkansas where he would sexually assault her as well,” said his lawyer, Joseph McBride. Barnett also said he was thrown down to a concrete floor for asking a staff member to wear a mask in keeping with COVID-19 rules at the jail.

McBride compared Barnett to terrorism suspects who were imprisoned by the U.S. during the War on Terror, telling Carlson: “The D.C. facility where January 6ers are being held is Guantanamo Bay for American citizens” where “people who went to exercise their constitutional rights on January 6 … are being held, absent due process, in a federal prison, for an undetermined period of time.”

McBride said this treatment is politically motivated and is nothing less than the “left hunting the right.”


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