Tucker Carlson’s former school makes student remove MAGA hat

Krahn said that after explaining about the MAGA hat's supposed symbolism, the student 'graciously' took off the hat

So “Make America Great Again” is a statement that does not “value the dignity of all people,” and must therefore not be allowed in school.

That’s the position of La Jolla County Day school’s headmaster, Gary Krahn.

San Diego’s KUSI News has obtained an email sent to all staff from from Krahn, who was reacting to a student who came to school wearing one of the very familiar Trump-supporting red trucker hats.

Krahn’s email states: “We also had a student wear a MAGA Hat today. I have talked with that student who now understands why that hat is offensive to our community. He will not wear it again.  In addition his mom said that she is embarrassed by his actions. She will fulfill her role as a parent. We will continue to grow as a community that sees and values the dignity of all people.”

Make America Great Again. “Offensive to our community.” It is the same frame of mind that made David Atkins, a member of the Democratic National Committee, rant on Twitter about wanting to “deprogram” those who do not agree with him, and voted for President Trump.

According to the handbook of the toney school, whose alumni include FOX News commentator Tucker Carlson, it has no rule against political attire. The dress code for Lower and Middle School students does not allow hats in the classroom, but on campus is permitted.

KUSI reached out to Krahn for comment, but has not heard back.

La Jolla County Day is one of the most prestigious private schools in San Diego County. They have students from first grade through High School, with yearly tuition ranging from $16,650 all the way up to $37,130 for High School.


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