Unrepentant Taliban Fighter Released onto American Streets

John Walker Lindh, linked to the death of CIA officer Johnny "Mike" Spann, and an unrepentant Taliban terrorist militant, is free, last seen in the Terre Haute, Indiana, area. (Pool News photo)

ABC News – John Walker Lindh, the Californian who took up arms for the Taliban and was captured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan in 2001, got out of prison Thursday after more than 17 years, released under restrictions that reflect government fears he still harbors radical views.

President Donald Trump reacted by saying, “I don’t like it at all. Here’s a man who has not given up his proclamation of terror.”

Lindh, 38, left a federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana, after getting time off for good behavior from the 20-year sentence he received when he pleaded guilty to providing support to the Taliban. It was not clear where [he] will live or what he will do.

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