Va. board changes names of Thomas Jefferson Elementary and George Mason High

Thomas Jefferson

It’s minority rule in Falls Church, Va., and anyone who believes in acknowledging U.S. history there is just going to have to accept it.

The Falls Church School Board voted 7-0 – unanimously – to change the names of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and George Mason High School on Dec. 8, reports WTOP News.

The deliberately offensive move was made in spite of a community survey in October that found 56 percent of residents opposed the school name changes.

“After deep and careful consideration of everything I’ve heard and read, I conclude that renaming both schools is in the best interest of our students and a necessary part of our equity work,” Greg Anderson, chair of the Falls Church School Board, solemnly proclaimed.

Not surprisingly, the name change was undertaken amid feverish media coverage of rioting and looting that followed the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis. The change itself was opposed by 61 percent of the parents of Thomas Jefferson Elementary students and 57 percent of George Mason High parents.

Hilariously, the school board chairman claims the school board listened to the community.

“I considered the survey results and the community discussion that followed, and I revisited our public hearings … I conclude that the public is split, and if you go beyond the simple number, I’ve heard reasoned perspectives from those in favor of retaining the names and from those in favor of changing the names,” Anderson said.

Only the public was not split. The majority wanted to keep the names honoring American Founding Fathers.

Former Thomas Jefferson and George Mason student William Henneberg said changing the names against the stated will of the community will be a bad precedent.

“Do not encourage our students to be victims or to use offense as a means to shut others down,” Henneberg said. “Encourage our children to be critical thinkers.”


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