What the…#@! is going on? A judicial license to destroy and murder?

During the protests on June 10, police said they saw protesters with spray cans and that senator Lucas told police to allow them to vandalize the statue, saying they had every right. At the protest in Portsmouth, demonstrators were able to rip off the heads of some of the city's confederate statues (pictured), and topple another, which police said fell on top of a demonstrator, critically injuring them

Law and order is capsizing in the U.S.A.; now a Virginia police chief has been fired for daring to announce charges against a prominent black state senator accused of conspiring to destroy a Confederate statue in the city of Portsmouth.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, the mother of a two-month-old child who had no “emotional connection” with the baby received only four months’ probation in her daughter’s death at the hands of the father.

In the Virginia incident, a demonstrator was critically injured by the falling statue during the act of vandalism, yet the staunchly liberal senator, Louise Lucas, and her accused liberal co-conspirators — a group of local black leaders — are walking free with the charges dropped while the police chief is dismissed.

The police chief, Angela Greene, is also a black woman.

Greene suggested her removal from the post is politically motivated, as was the acquittal of the senator and leaders. 

Democrats who had condemned the charges praised the bizarre twist that freed Lucas, a high ranking Democrat who is Virginia’s most senior black legislator.

Lucas even told police during the riots that they were going vandalize the statues  ‘and you can’t stop them … they got a right, go ahead!’, police said.

Lucas and 18 others, including members of the school board and the local NAACP chapter and the public defender’s office, were charged by Portsmouth police in August with conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000.

The June 10 protest in Portsmouth occurred in the wake of national rallies against racial injustice following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in the custody of Minneapolis police in May.

But you’ve got to read this!

Portsmouth Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Morales convinced a court that if police choose not to intervene while a crime is being committed, then individuals can reasonably assume no crime is being committed. Astounding!

“Based on video evidence, numerous accounts of the alleged incident, and the unwillingness of the Portsmouth Police Department to intervene against the protesters, a reasonable and colorable argument exists that the charged individuals in the instant cases did not act with the requisite criminal intent to destroy valuable property. Rather, based on the fact that on-scene law-enforcement officers failed to intervene during the defacing of the monument up until hours after the monument was defaced, it is likely that the charged individuals, understood the monument to be effectually abandoned by the City of Portsmouth, and thereby acted under the reasonable belief that city law enforcement officials had given their implicit endorsement to the same effect,” Morales said in her motion to dismiss the case.

In the Wisconsin baby death, the child’s father was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after his baby daughter was left to die in a field outside Kenosha. The mother, Monica Adams, 22, received only probation after breaking down in tears at her trial and after a relative stated she had no “emotional connection” with her doomed baby.

So now in Wisconsin you can kill a child and only receive PROBATION if you can prove no “emotional connection” to that child.

Things are getting really ugly, nonsensical and dangerous for law abiding citizens.


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