White mayor will use money meant for the homeless to teach city workers that America is inherently racist

Mayor of Lexington, Linda Gorton, is proposing to use funds from an emergency rental assistance program and instead give council members diversity training

Maybe it was President Donald Trump’s condemnation of critical race theory that suddenly made it even more intoxicating to liberal officeholders. So intoxicating that, in one city, the leftist mayor wants to take money from the city’s emergency rental assistance program and use it for racial diversity training for city employees.

Critical race theory teaches that American laws and institutions are inherently racist, and that everyone needs re-education to remedy the problem. Liberal course instructors swoop in to sell the programs and are paid richly by public and private clients to spread their divisive racial message.

Lexington, Ky., Mayor Linda Gorton’s proposal to take funds from the poor was published by the Lexington Housing Justice Collective on social media, which said the city is currently going through the “worst eviction crisis in at least a decade.” The story was reported by the Washington Examiner.

“Lexington’s woke mayor is taking funds for poor people and using them to pay a rich white woman so she can teach city employees how to become woke… this is progressivism in the 21st century,” author Ryan James Girdusky said on Twitter.

“Taking $ from rental assistance does not advance racial justice,” the Lexington Housing Justice Collective posted on social media. “It means more Black and Brown people will lose their homes.”

The news of the eviction fund being used for racial training comes as Kentucky has claimed a recent surge in COVID-19 cases, prompting Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear to sign an executive order placing restrictions on businesses and gatherings. Gorton of course said she plans to enforce the restrictions in Lexington, using the city’s health department to make businesses toe the line.


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