Research Finds Christianity By Far the Most Persecuted Faith on Earth

The persecution of Christians is a global phenomenon that under scrutiny reveals genocidal level mass killing in some areas of the world, and quickly leads researchers to conclude the Christianity is by rates and numbers the most persecuted religion in the world. (Daily Mail graphic)

The Daily Mail – Christians are by far the most persecuted religious group, enduring what amounts to genocide in some parts of the world, a report concluded.

They are being driven out of the Middle East in a modern-day exodus that could mean the religion may be wiped out in areas where its roots go back furthest, the study commissioned by the British Foreign Office found.

A report by the Bishop of Truro, the Right Rev Philip Mounstephen, found what he called “shocking” evidence that the persecution is worse today than ever. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt blamed “political correctness” for a failure to confront the oppression of Christians, which he called the “forgotten persecution.”

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