Black Lives Matter leader and activist charged with anti-Asian hate crime

Christopher Allen Hamner was charged with a felony hate crime (Facebook/ Pamela Cole)

A 51-year-old Democratic Party supporter with a reputation as a staunch Black Lives Matter and racial-justice activist in the Seattle area has been charged with committing anti-Asian hate crimes near his home.

According to reports gathered at, King County prosecutors charged Christopher Allen Hamner of SeaTac, Wash., with a felony hate crime for targeting various Asian victims two separate times in March.

Of mixed racial heritage himself, Hamner allegedly threatened and yelled racial slurs at people of Asian appearance, reportedly women and children as young as five years old.

He was arrested March on 25, with bail reportedly set at $75,000, and charged with a felony hate crime and three more counts of malicious harassment. At least one of the victims has video evidence of what occurred.

Hamner is known to have taken part in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in June of 2020, where BLM and Antifa extremists seized six blocks of city property, and he took video of himself in the zone holding anti-Donald Trump and anti-police signs.

Hamner’s social media accounts feature posts stating hatred of Trump and Republicans, commonly characterized in the media as the hateful people. In February he reportedly tweeted, “Sleep good tonight Rand Paul” to a tweet where the Kentucky senator was critical of Trump’s impeachment trial. The tweet included emojis of a knife and a smiling face.

He has also been active on social media in support of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and and their leftist causes, and has also posted frequent condemnations of anti-Asian hate crimes and white supremacy.

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