CDC sends test to teachers to make them an “Awesome Ally” of the LGBT movement

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They call themselves the Centers for Disease Control, but with their campaign to make teachers an “Awesome Ally” of the LGBT movement, a more fitting title might be the Centers for Mind Control.

Mind manipulation is the new business of the CDC. 

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the agency relentlessly pursue mass reprogramming campaigns to change how Americans think, from spewing lies about the origins of COVID, to the “necessity” of face-masking, to the effectiveness and safety of COVID vaccines to … yes … the dangers of so-called structural racism.

In those cases, the agency could at least make an argument (however feeble and disingenuous) that they were attempting to prevent the spread of actual disease. 

Yes, even in the case of “structural racism.

The CDC argues that structural racism must be rooted out because it begets discrimination and the spread of deadly diseases among “marginalized” races. It’s a stretch of the imagination, but they’re banking on zombie-minded Americans being able to be convinced.

More convincing, however, is the mound of evidence that the CDC is neglecting its mission as a fighter of disease in order to further a dystopian quest to steer the nation toward progressive, liberal orthodoxy through mind control.

Such was the case in September 2021 when the CDC changed its medical definition of vaccine because none of the COVID jabs Biden and his handlers wanted to compel the public to take was truly a vaccine.

CDC is now focused on preventing diseases of the mind

By allowing the CDC to continually move the bar of medical credibility into the fantastical world of the Village of the Damned, it should be no surprise that the CDC now views its primary mission as mind control.

What else could explain the CDC now acting like it is duty-bound to have teachers and principals become advocates and defenders of the sexually perverse LGBTQ movement?

What does campaigning for LGBTQ acceptance and behavior have to do with the CDC’s legislative mandate to control and prevent the spread of disease? Some will rightly argue that this cheerleading actually enables the spread of contagions like HIV, monkeypox, gonorrhea, syphilis, and AIDS.

But medical science, disease prevention, and public health risks be damned, says the CDC. The organization is now in the business of controlling the “diseases” of the mind, attacking any argument or convention that isn’t in line with woke-ism, the New Religion of the West.

Recent revelations that the CDC is distributing a document to school districts that quizzes educators on their willingness to become an “Awesome Ally” of the LGBT movement should shock the public on multiple levels.

Beyond the obvious, that it has nothing to do with controlling or preventing actual, clinical disease. The exam grades school officials on how well they promote pro-gay inclusivity. If there’s any doubt about how to go about this, the booklet directs school officials on ways to improve their gay-friendly ranking.

At the other end of the spectrum, the October 2020 CDC booklet demolishes all normative thinking about sex, gender, and family.

But the biggest shock about this effort by a richly funded, supposedly disease-fighting entity is its utter failure to grade school officials on how well they help kids avoid sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, their advocacy is the kind of behavior that promotes STDs. Shouldn’t this be the sole measure of the CDC test? Stopping STDs? Given that it’s their mission, how could this be excluded?

Turning educators into an “Awesome Ally” of the LGBT

The CDC booklet attempts to cast a big net, being distributed to teachers, principals, staffers, nurses, and school resource officers.

It is called LGBT Inclusivity in Schools.

The booklet unabashedly boasts that the test is designed to support “the success of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTA) youth.”

Apparently, supporting the success of heterosexual youth is not among the responsibilities of the CDC. Any semblance of a traditional view of sex – the kind that produces new little human beings and for which the human body is uniquely and perfectly designed – is nowhere to be found in the booklet, other than as a target of criticism.

As most readers are aware, progressives routinely replace the word heterosexual with the word cisgender, an intentionally demeaning label that describes people whose “chosen” sexuality aligns with their birth sex.

But for the CDC, even the word cisgender is not insulting enough. Hence, they describe the holding of heterosexual values as heteronormativity.

Try working that eight-syllable word into casual conversation.

With a good dose of contempt and disdain, the CDC defines heteronormativity as “a historically – and culturally– defined system of values and practices that elevate heterosexuality as the normal and preferred sexual orientation.”

Never mind that little detail that it continues the human species.

And who’s being elevated now? Certainly not heterosexuals. The entire CDC booklet is nothing but a pep rally for the elevation of gays, lesbians, non-binaries, and transgenders above all else, while it dismissively describes heterosexuality as an antiquated, culturally historical “option.”

Heterosexual unions are NOT a cultural practice or a matter of taste or conformity. They are a biological necessity. They produced every human being on Earth – even the homosexual and transgender ones.

Mind games. Brainwashing. It’s the CDC Way.

The CDC booklet labeled a “tool” has school officials give themselves an exam. In the end they’ll receive a letter grade of A, B, or C, depending on how well their in-school activities support LGBT students and the gay agenda, in the CDC’s view.

An “A” grade means the school official is an “Awesome Ally” of the gay movement. A “C” grade means the school official must “Commit to Change.”

How clever, in a first-grade kind of way.

It’s difficult to conceive of a greater abuse of power than the federal government ranking school officials on their commitment to being an “Awesome Ally” of the gay and lesbian movement. But to pressure them to “Commit to Change” if they fall short?

No matter how one slices or dices this test, its clear intent is to make school officials servile to the LGBT movement and to ensure that they do the movement’s bidding: indoctrinating, promoting, and sexually grooming.

Making matters worse, earning that “A” letter grade, that recognition of being an “Awesome Ally” of the gay and lesbian movement, is no easy feat.

The exam is divided into categories depending on whether the school official is a teacher, staffer, principal, nurse, or school resource officer.

To achieve the “A” letter grade, the school official (depending on job or duties) should:

  • Put rainbow flags and pink triangles in the classroom
  • Prevent students from using the “wrong” pronouns when addressing transgender classmates
  • Ban the words boy and girl from student vocabulary. Instead, a boy should be called “a body with a penis” and a girl “a body without a penis.”
  • Replace the words boyfriend and girlfriend with the word “partners”
  • Stock classrooms with “LGBT inclusive and affirming materials”
  • Inform students that sex is not just “penis/vagina penetrative sex”

School nurses need to outfit their hallways with LGBT posters, and their offices should have gay-themed pamphlets and brochures in the waiting areas.

Principals need to allow biological boys to compete in female sports and allow biological girls to use male bathrooms – and vice-versa.

To achieve an ultimate inclusive environment for gay, lesbian, and transgender students, principals need to advise teachers and staffers to attend LGBTQ sensitivity training classes.

Turning federal servants into brutal activists

The CDC’s test being voluntary does not diminish the severity of the agency’s abuse of power.

Would the CDC be allowed to issue a voluntary test that ranks a school official as an “Awesome Ally” of the Bible? Or the Koran? Or of making Christian evangelism or Islamic fundamentalism a “success”?

Of course not. Then why should the government be allowed to promote a test that rates school officials on how well they question, dismiss, attack, and destroy religious tenets and beliefs? Because that’s precisely the covert intent of this exam.

What legal authority does the CDC have to distribute this test to school officials, given it has nothing to do with controlling, curing, or preventing the spread of disease?

Without question, the CDC exam is about exercising Mind Control and turning school officials into activists for the LGBTQ agenda.

Why should tax dollars be used to promote what millions of Americans believe is a sin, an abomination to God, an unhealthy lifestyle – a lifestyle even proponents of the gay agenda admit is plagued with suicides, psychosis, STDs, drug addiction, and alcoholism?

If people want to push the gay and lesbian agenda on their own dime (and time), that’s their business. They have every constitutional right to do so. I disagree with them, but it’s their right.

But the U.S. government should never be allowed to become the bulldozing henchmen of the LGBT movement – nor their spokespersons or brutal enforcers – nor to pressure public employees to become their servile minions.

It’s difficult enough for people believing in family values and American exceptionalism to fight the many liberal, progressive groups who want to destroy traditional families, constitutional rights, religious liberties, national borders, biblical values, and America’s great national heritage.

These groups are already well-funded through wealthy foundations and “philanthropists” (Bill & Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Tim Gill). 

The liberal causes also benefit from the coordinated bullhorns of legacy media, academia, labor unions, Hollywood, and the United Nations.

Their Great Reset initiatives go uncensored and unmoderated by social media platforms. Nor do they worry about the FBI or Homeland Security suppressing or deleting their content.

Neither are they concerned about getting shoved out of banks, as my organization, Christian Action Network, was by BB&T and former Sen. Sam Brownback’s group, the National Committee for Religious Freedom, was by Chase Bank. (Many other “canceled” conservative groups could be named here.)

PayPal, Discover, or Venmo never cut off payouts to liberal groups. Nor do leftists suffer from being de-platformed by Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Apparently, these advantages are not enough. Untold millions in tax dollars and limitless numbers of public servants must also contribute to their fight.

I remember when the government was neutral, allowing the people to decide the course of their destiny for themselves. Public servants were just that, servants of the entire public, not ginned-up minions of the woke mob.

If the nation wants to pass laws allowing federal agencies to groom children into being LGBTQ sex partners, I’ll do my best to block them. If those laws still pass, the people will have spoken. That’s how democracy works.

Until then, Congress needs to investigate the CDC and demand it ceases its taxpayer-funded ranking system aimed at making every school official into an “Awesome Ally” of the LGBTQ movement.


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