Is the Centers for Disease Control becoming the Centers for Mind Control? Shocking test sent to educators – Video

In this episode: CDC ranks educators on becoming an “Awesome Ally” of the LGBT. A game you don’t want to miss. Mental Rage: The Dirty Dozen. UK woman arrested for praying in her head. Rep. Jim Jordon will head the ‘Weaponization of the Federal Government’ subcommittee. DC Comics’ Joker becomes pregnant and gives birth to a ‘handsome’ baby. Taking a Stand Segment: A shout-out to brave patriots and their stories.

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Martin: So I want to start with this story.

It really bothers me, and it’s the Center for Disease Control, or CDC, sending out booklets to school educators in an effort to make them an awesome ally of the LGBT agenda.

And there’s a lot wrong there.

The idea that our government somehow thinks they have to make an an awesome ally of any activist movement is bizarre, and I don’t think it should be allowed.

But to go into the schools, because those teachers are there to teach kids. They know precisely what they’re doing.

They’re not just trying to make a person an awesome ally of the LGBT movement.

They’re trying to make that person an ally to make dozens and dozens of kids allies of the LGBT movement.

So this booklet is called LGBT Inclusivity in Schools.

So the title itself isn’t very descriptive of exactly what it does, but if you open up the booklet, it tells you what they intended to do.

So it is designed to support the success of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-questioning LGBT youth?

It’s designed to support the success of those.

Michael: But they seem successful as it goes right now.

Martin: Yeah, but what about the success of heterosexual students?

Michael: No, they don’t get it.

Patti: They don’t matter.

Pastor Binder: And how do you define success, correct?

Why shouldn’t it be awesome allies for education?

Michael: Oh, no, that’s notches on your belt.

That’s what they think success is.

Martin: Yeah, and the other question is, first of all, they’re excluding heterosexuals.

Let me read this to you because I think it’s bizarre.

They don’t even address heterosexuals in this booklet, except for this one term they use to describe them, which is heteronormativity.

That’s an eight-syllable word. Try to use that in everyday conversation.

Heteronormativity, which they describe as a historically and culturally defined system of values and practices that elevate heterosexuality as the normal and preferred sexual orientation.

So when did being a heterosexual become something that’s a cultural thing you do?

Patti: Well, there’s the implication that there’s something wrong with that because it elevates it.

That word says that it’s been elevated artificially, and of course, it hasn’t been.

Martin: But the only elevation that’s going on in this booklet are the LGBTQA, et cetera.

That’s the only thing that’s being elevated here.

They’re not elevating heterosexuals.

They’re entirely ignoring heterosexuals.

They’re putting them in a demeaning light, saying, oh, you people, you think you’re right.

You think that people should be like you.

And that’s not true.

Here is what you should be like.

That’s the clear implication of what they’re trying to do.

Michael: And it seems like this is coming from the population control kind of idea that

The more gay people that you have, the less reproduction you have.

And the more they promote this, the fewer people are on Earth; therefore, the less pollution, the fewer mouths to feed.

Pastor Binder: Yeah, and what’s very strange about this, this is coming from the CDC, right?

So wouldn’t their success have to be in that realm, right?

Let’s have success for; if you want to have success for LGBT kids, let’s have that success aligned and in agreement with our organization.

Let’s have them be healthy, not get diseases.

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