European doctor sues US for seizing and blocking abortion drugs

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts

An Austria-based doctor, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, who is known to prescribe abortion drugs to women seeking early termination of pregnancy, is now suing the United States for seizing the prescriptions from her American patients in a bid to allegedly block them from getting an abortion. 

Gomperts filed the lawsuit on Monday in the US District Court in Idaho against FDA to prevent them from taking measures that would prevent her American patients from accessing drugs that induce abortions.

Richard Hearn, Gompert’s attorney wrote in the lawsuit that internet provided the only practical solution to abortion for many women with limited access because of travel and money constraints. 

Hearn stated that one of the first patients of Gomperts was a 14 year old girl from Idaho with no means or money to rent a car and travel to Boise or Salt Lake City, spend the night to take the pills, and go home the next day after the follow-up appointment.

To address these concerns, Gomperts started the Aid Access organization in 2018 where she prescribes abortion-inducing medications online and informs women on how to get their prescriptions filled through a cost-effective drug exporter based out of India.

However, the FDA in March sent a warning letter to Gomperts stating that she was believed to be violating federal law. As a result, Gomperts stopped providing American women with medical abortions. 

But she soon resumed her online practice after two months in May. Many people in society disagree with her career choices and lack of understanding in regards to this issue. 

There have been no comments on this by the FDA since the lawsuit is pending. There are some people in society who believe that doctors such as this should lose their medical license. 


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