Mass Resistance Outs LGBTQ Library Event Sexualizing Children

Parents organized by Mass Resistance recorded how adult instructors at a library event for youth encouraged children as young as nine years old to perform sexual acts using lubricants, sex toys and condoms. (Mass Resistance photo)

Pro-family activist group Mass Resistance on Wednesday claimed credit for exposing the sexually abusive “pro-LGBT” library event in Renton, Washington, instructing mothers to respond directly.

The June 22 event targeted high- and middle-school students, but attended by children as young as 10 years old, and parents were concerned about it before hand.

Some of those parents contacted Mass Resistance, according to an informational release by the activist group.

“The parents contacted Mass Resistance for help, and our Washington Mass Resistance chapter got right to work,” the release statement noted.

“The parents first wanted to protest the event,” the statement added. “But instead, we told them that the best thing would be to get inside and take photos and video of what happens.”

And what happened was horrific.

One of four drag queen homosexuals acted out a lewd and sexually explicit dance for children as young as nine, according to reports, photos and video footage by parents organized by Mass Resistance to expose the Renton, Washington, library event. (Mass Resistance photo)

As the Christian Action Network reported June 27, what really goes on at these sexuality-focused events is difficult to absorb. Mass Resistance added photos and details beyond what was already reported.

The advertised priorities of “tolerance, anti-bullying, AIDS education and feeling safe,” were hardly seen among the sexually explicit material recruiting youth to become sexualized and sexually active.

Additionally, Mass Resistance reported that the library and event organizers refused to acknowledge parental concerns or alter any objectionable material that parents were concerned about as the event day drew near.

“Instead, one of the library employees contacted the Antifa chapter in Seattle and urged them to take action against the local parents opposing it,” the Mass Resistance statement noted.

According to Mass Resistance three of their organized moms got inside the library with cameras, noticing a capacity crowd of youth and several parents and the presenters, two women in their 20s.

“What they saw was ghastly,” the Mass Resistance statement noted. “It’s difficult to come to terms with the fact that people do this with children.”

The presentations and later performances by four drag queen homosexuals formed a capstone to the sexually explicit events during the June 22 Renton, Washington, library events sexualizing children as young as nine years old, according to Mass Resistance. (Mass Resistance photo)

The statement added, “The largest part of the presentation was about helping the kids be comfortable and safe while performing homosexual sex acts.”

The presenter tables, including a significant presentation by Planned Parenthood, were laden with sexually themed items.

Mass Resistance added, “This included instructions on using lubricant and condoms for anal sex, flavored condoms, and dental dams for lesbian oral sex or anal rimming.”

Other themes included pro-transgender propaganda, recruitment-oriented material urging children to commit themselves to transitioning to a different sex and political advocacy material to advocate for LGBTQ political positions.

A capstone element throughout was the presence then presentation by homosexual men dressed provocatively as if women with exaggerated female features and clownish attire: the drag queens.

Four such men performed lewd, sexually provocative dances in front of the youth, according to Mass Resistance. One sang that if you feel like a girl, then you really are a girl.

It is rare for parents, or the general public, to see it first-hand. It truly boggles the mind how revolting it actually is

– Mass Resistance

The sexually explicit behavior by four homosexual men was followed up by the offer of contact information, including online Twitter handles that Mass Resistance confirmed was as expected: pornographic in nature.

“All of this was portrayed as a normal and a positive experience for children by the presenters and the adults working with them,” the Mass Resistance statement noted.

The mothers on the scene had to deal with the arrival of four police officers, forcibly removing several of them from the library, and several Antifa “hooligans” outside using screaming noise makers to intimidate them as they left.

“We train our people not to be intimidated by the Left’s disgusting tactics,” Mass Resistance noted. “Antifa hooligans and thugs will not stop our Mass Resistance activists.”

Their moms followed through and once safely home began to get the word out about what happened.

“We all hear a lot about what the LGBT movement is doing to the schoolchildren it targets across the country,” Mass Resistance stated.

”It is rare for parents, or the general public, to see it first-hand. It truly boggles the mind how revolting it actually is.”


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