N.J. school board buckles under pressure, keeps Thanksgiving and Memorial Day on calendar

Randolph Board of Education meeting

Facing massive backlash from enraged locals, a New Jersey school board reversed its controversial decision to erase all holiday names – including Memorial Day and Thanksgiving – from the school calendar.

The Randolph Board of Education on June 21 voted 8-1 to reverse the decision, made earlier this month. The names of the holidays were to have been replaced with the words “day off,” which officials said would help prevent “hurt feelings.”

A petition calling for the resignations school board members and Superintendent Jen Fano was quickly signed by more than 4,500 people. The decision was called “arrogant and incompetent,” and sparked accusations that the board was embracing “cancel culture” and trying to be fashionably “woke.”

None of the board members has resigned.

One parent claimed that people who initially protested the decision were branded “right-wing fanatics” by a board member. Michael Viespoli said to FOX News: “I’m concerned about the tone and tenor of what’s going on in town and really in the world.”

On June 21 the school board backed down, frantically trying to dodge and deflect blame. President Tammy MacKay said: “The buck stops here with those of us seated in front of you and we own it. … Neither the superintendent nor any other administrator, principal, teacher or other district employee had anything to do with those votes or decisions. To cast blame on any of them for what this board did is quite simply wrong.”


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