New Ill. law requires menstrual products in boys’ school bathrooms

Gov. JB Pritzker/ Facebook

Americans will soon need to decide if the world of liberal Democrats is the one they want to live in: a world where the term “female” has been banished and humans are instead referred to as “menstruators.”

Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker of Illinois signed legislation on Aug. 13 to make put feminine hygiene products in both girls’ AND boys’ school bathrooms from grades 4 through 12.

“This is really important for young menstruaters,” said Rep. Barbara Hernandez (D-Aurora), of House Bill 156, which she sponsored. Hernandez argued that now male friend could grab a tampon for a female friend in the case of an emergency. But does the girl have no female friends?

And isn’t the whole point to erase the concept of male and female?

Rep. Kathleen Willis (D-Chicago) said transgender students might be able to use the products.

The ones born with female reproductive systems, anyway.

Republican Rep. Andrew Chesney was forced to ask: “Why do you feel it is appropriate to put menstrual products in male bathrooms for children? … I would appreciate if the sponsor would stay the hell out of my bathrooms and I promise her I will stay out of hers.

“There are only two genders. To put female products in a male bathroom is not only confusing to a sixth-grader but completely inapplicable. So as a male who did go to a public high school, as a male who went to bathrooms from sixth grade to 12th grade, I can promise you not one of my male friends ever needed these.”

Pritzker signed legislation earlier in August making free tampons available in all bathrooms on college campuses and at homeless shelters.



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