Ouch! Dems feel the sting and burn of ‘Drano Don’

Rep. Al Green

“I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he’ll get re-elected.”

Extremist, racist democrat Rep. Al Green

In a nutshell… that is the reason for the democrat impeachment HOAX.

But since the beginning of his campaign for president, Donald Trump has talked about “draining the swamp.” The Dems probably know him best as ‘Drano Don.’

“Drano Don’ has struck real fear into the hearts of career politicians, entrenched lifetime government bureaucrats, lobbyists, foreign interests, and corporate interests, the lying democrat media and candidates like Hillary Clinton.  ALL these groups had one thing in common:  they were enjoying king-like status and power over commoners like you and me while making untold amounts of money dealing with or stealing from our government.

Trump threatened to stop this abuse of power, cut government waste and expose those responsible.

So the “Deep State” decided when he was heading toward winning the republican nomination… that his campaign had to be stopped… and Lord forbid – if he won – had to be removed from office by whatever means… by hook or crook.

So they have mounted a COUP to remove this president.

And that’s why the democrats and their lying fake news media have worked non-stop with HOAX after HOAX attempting to defeat and remove this duly and legally elected president.

When in reality it was the Democrats and Obama administration officials who COLLUDED with foreign governments and entities to fabricate “dirt: on candidate then President Trump. VP Joe Biden was in charge of dealing with Ukrainian officials who were heavily involved in this effort… while “employing” Biden’s son.

Biden did publicly brag about how he demanded that Ukraine stop investigating the company his son was paid exorbitant amounts – or else he would withhold Obama regime foreign aid. A video has resurfaced of former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw calling out Biden over his Ukraine corruption.

The Deep State is in a state of shock and panic now as Trump still remains as president despite all their illegal schemes… and his Attorney General Bill Barr conducing a criminal investigation of activities designed to thwart the Trump campaign and then cripple the Trump presidency.

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Extremist California Rep. Adam Shift – known as Lyin’ Shifty – has been put in charge of the House of Representatives Sham Impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, knowing his total lack of moral character, corruption and long personal hatred for President Trump has tasked him with creating impeachment “crimes” virtually out of nothing because no crimes have been committed.

Lyin’ Schiff has been caught in a series of lies, distortions and embellishments against President Trump (Getty Images)

Lyin’ Shifty has been caught in a series of LIES, DISTORTIONS, EMBELLISHMENTS against President Trump for the past three years with the fake Russian Collusion, the nothing Mueller Report, and now the Ukraine HOAX.  The latest HOAX regarding Ukraine claims that before releasing foreign aid to them, Trump demanded that Ukraine investigate the Biden corrupt business dealings with Ukraine companies.

(Actually… the exact thing that Democrats are claiming Trump did – were actually done by Joe Biden who publicly bragged that he told Ukraine government that he would withhold foreign aid unless they removed the prosecutor investigating the Ukraine company that was paying his son exorbitant money essentially in exchange for influence in the Obama regime.  According to some reports… not only was Biden working for a Ukraine company – but they also employed Nancy Pelosi’s son, John Kerry’s son and fake Republican Willard Mitt Romney’s son.  Very interesting…

Trump totally messed up the democrat narrative when he suddenly became his own “whistleblower” and released the transcript of his phone call to prove nothing illegal was said. Even the Ukraine president stated that no pressure was applied, or no action demanded.

Lyin’ Shifty suddenly claimed that a government employee “whistleblower” who had heard Trump’s phone call was extremely concerned over grave national security concerns and thus reported the call to Schiff who was unwilling to let the “whistleblower” testify in public.

Now we know why.

The supposed “whistleblower” is a long-time democrat political operative with ties to Shifty, Biden, the Obama Administration, former CIA head John Islam Brennan and former NSA head, The Clapp – John Clapper, both who hate Trump and had conspired with Obama, Clinton, Biden, the Department of Justice and the corrupt FBI head James Comey, to destroy Trump’s presidency.

Lyin’ Shifty has been accused of “witness tampering” have met with witnesses against the president before their testimony… having coached the witnesses what to say… and even having had prior long-time relationships with witnesses, clearly a conflict of interest.

Fellow House representatives have asked for an ethics investigation into his long-time unethical behavior.

Lyin’ Shifty has been known to have had dealings with anti-America, foreign globalist Georgie Soros who has spent and is spending millions to exert foreign influence in America’s elections.

It appears that this latest democrat invented Trump “crime” is beginning to unravel which means that the next supposed “crime” will soon come to light with breathless drama by the lying democrat’s fake news media.

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Despite desperate attempts by democrats and their lying fake news media… the identity of one of the so-called, mystery “whistleblower” who heard second-hand comments about President Trump’s perfectly legal phone call to the Ukraine president is known according to reports.

Apparently, he is another of thousands of government employee “Deep State” bureaucrats who vehemently oppose this president that the voters elected.

According to multiple reports, this whistleblower was a member of the National Security Council until he was fired and has been accused of actively working against and leaking against President Trump while actually working in the White House.

It has been reported that he is registered democrat who has worked for the Democrat National Committee (DNC) in their attempts to find political dirt on Trump to help the flaying Clinton campaign. He apparently was a holdover from the Obama administration… had worked for former VP Joe Biden… and for John Islam Brennan, former CIA Director and Trump-hater.

Most alarmingly…  he is being called a spy for Lyin Shifty Schiff who had him deliberately planted to initiate this latest democrat impeachment HOAX.

Amazing how many democrats from Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi on down the line had dealings in Ukraine – while they are accusing President Trump of Ukraine dealings… while President Trump has np prior dealings with Ukraine, yet he is being accused of “crimes.”

Actually… it not really that amazing.

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MEET THE PRESS — Pictured: Tom Brokaw — NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth


Democrats, while passing a resolution to appear to the public to be holding one hearings, are continuing to keep their fake impeachment dealings secret from republicans, even from other fellow democrats and from the public.  They leak to their worshipful media what they want so that they can report it as “news” to the public. They no doubt have altered and written witness transcripts to contain only what they want to “prove” their case against Trump.

Why has it been that ONLY democrats can conduct secret witness interviews… issue subpoenas… attend certain meetings… offer no legal counsel witness cross-exam… allow no legal counsel for the president… allow no access to any testimony or “evidence”?

Their secrecy feeds the allegations that their impeachment process is corrupt, devoid of facts, and basically is just still trying to undo the 2016 election and the voters’ choice of Trump over their anointed candidate Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Even liberal, long-time NBC Fake News Anchor Tom Brokaw has stated that the president has done nothing that is impeachable.  You know when a liberal like Ole Tom says that… then democrats have absolutely nothing but LIES and DISTORTIONS.

(Boycott Liberal Media, Rush Limbaugh, USA Today, Washington Examiner)


The Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment guarantees the rights of anyone accused of crime to have legal rights and protection and to confront their accuser and mount a defense.

Apparently, this works for Bill Clinton… for Barack Hussein Obama… for military traitors like Bowie Bergdahl, who was pardoned by Obama…

But NOT for President Donald Trump.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that the Democrats illegal proceedings “deny the most basic right of due process” to President Trump.

Yet the Constitution – which democrats and their lying media usually hate and trash until they can use it to justify their illegal actions – guarantees “due process”.

The president and his lawyers should be able to confront and questions witnesses… his lawyer should be able to be present…

NONE of which deranged democrats have allowed… but which Republicans should demand!

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