Parental Rights Showdown: Will Parents in New Jersey Lose Their Right to Parent?

Gov. Phil Murphy is bringing a lawsuit against three school districts to stop them from notifying parents about their children's gender transition.

How Three School Districts Became Ground Zero in a Legal Battle

New Jersey is not called the Garden State for nothing. But the controversy it is sowing is almost biblical. The state is pitting the golden wheat of parental rights against the choking tares of government control.

A looming court battle will determine which is left rotting on the threshing room floor.

To get you into the loop, three school districts have taken the common-sense step to mandate that schools keep parents informed if their children make major decisions about their gender identity, pronoun preferences, names, restrooms, and even which sports teams they play for.

This is nothing but sound logic for anyone not on crack, weed, meth, or tranq.

But enter N.J. Governor Phil Murphy and Attorney General Matthew Platkin, and you are reminded that people drunk on power are far more dangerous than any bumbling, stumbling, confused crackhead.

They’re wielding every bureaucratic tool at their disposal – think industrial-strength herbicides – to strike down this policy.

In their eyes, a parent’s warm, guiding hand should be replaced by a veritable Frankenstein monster holding icy-cold surgical tools, ready to slice and dice children’s genitals.

Their push for a court order to block these parental rights policies sends a chilling message to schools and families: “The state reigns supreme, and only it can dictate whether your child takes the path of what they’re dubbing ‘gender exploration.”

This is the most atrocious governmental overreach we’ve ever seen.

It’s like an Orwellian nightmare where the state decides that parents – yes, PARENTS – are to be kept in the dark about something as crucial as their own child’s gender identity.

One parent summed up this nonsense perfectly.

“I do not, will not ever, co-parent with the government,” parent Caterina Skalaski told The New York Post. “If Murphy wants to co-parent then he should pay up and split some bills for my kids. He wasn’t present in the delivery room when they were born.”

She pointed out the irony that the schools need parental permission to administer medicine, watch a movie or give a specific snack – but not to assist students from changing their genders.

The state is suing Middletown, Hanover Township, Manalapan-Englishtown, and Marlboro school districts for banning these practices.

New Jersey’s arguing points are the same tired, unproven, alarmist hype we typically hear from the LGBT meant to guilt people into accepting the morally and scientifically absurd.

“Outing these students against their will poses serious mental health risks,” the lawsuit states disingenuously. It “threatens physical harm to students, including risking increased suicides; decreases the likelihood students will seek support; and shirks the district’s obligation to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all.”

It’s a load of hogwash — a desperate attempt to tug at heartstrings without any concrete backing.

What New Jersey’s legal stance implies is truly astounding. They’re essentially painting a picture where parents are not just potential threats but sinister entities waiting to devour their children.

Take a moment to digest their audacious claim.

Suppose a school informs a parent that their child is undergoing a gender transition. In that case, the state believes the parent will inflict psychological torment upon the child, harm them, and possibly push them to the brink of despair or even suicide.

They further believe only the school district can provide children with a “safe and supportive learning environment.”

New Jersey is casting parents into the role of predators rather than protectors. Every parent should be up in arms over this.

If we let our guard down, we’re not merely heading towards a future where parental affection and guidance are eyed with mistrust. Instead, we’re ushering in a chilling epoch where parents are reduced to mere Velcro custodians, with the looming threat of having their children torn away should they dare to defy the monolithic mindset championed by the LGBT movement.


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