Public Schools Distort Sexual Science, Redefine ‘Gender’ as if a ‘Feeling’

Public schools indoctrinate our children and grandchildren into believing that gender means something different than sex, and that people feel a sexual identity different than how they are as a matter of biology. (Illinois Family Institute photo)

The Christian Post – School children in Austin, Texas were told on a survey that sex is what is a person is born as but gender is how a person feels.

The questionnaire is among the latest of educational examples furthering the notion of a self-determined, so-called “gender identity,” though the existence of such a thing has never been medically proven.

The question was asked of students in grades 3 through 11: “Sex is what a person is born. Gender is how a person feels. Please select the response that best describes you,” with the multiple choice options “I am a girl/woman, I am a boy/man,” and, “I identify in some other way.”

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