Black Lives Matter calls for a boycott of ‘white companies’ during Christmas

Black Lives Matter/ Twitter

Racism never takes a holiday, it seems; Black Lives Matter appears to be urging all those who celebrate Christmas not just to help build up black-owned businesses, but to actively shun and try to harm white-owned ones.

‘Tis the Season.

It seems this is BLM’s seventh year of boycotting “white companies” during the holidays to support “Black Xmas,” only who knew. On Black Friday, something claiming to be the “Black Lives Matter Global Network” shared an Instagram post calling to “support Black-led-Black-serving organizations,” reports.

The group is urging followers to “buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses” and claims “white-supremacist-capitalism uses policing to protect profits and steal Black life.”

The idea has been called out as racist and “segregating” on social media, where people are asking the obvious question: what would happen if whites called for a monthlong boycott of black-owned enterprises?

“All lives matter. Stop making profit out of poor people,” @ShaqYnwa tweeted.

“Isn’t that racist?” @shocked_daily asked, also on Twitter.

“This seems derogatory and segregating,” @DakNarciso commented.

“Great idea by black lives matter! def gonna make sure the local-owned shops I buy from are white-owned! we gotta support our own race! so glad we are finally on the same page,’ @Sligresda commented, turning BLM’s logic on its head.

Several other Twitter users also referred to how several Black Lives Matter leaders have purchased lavish houses in mostly white neighborhoods in recent years.



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