Conservatives running for school boards in New Jersey have LGBTQ lobby scared

According to a press release published on InsiderNJ, homosexual activists are getting a bit worried about the way American school board meetings seem to be going.

All over the United States, parents, students and even teachers are standing up at meetings to protest pornographic gay-recruitment library books, anti-American curricula, mask mandates, political flags in classrooms, lockdowns and the firings of beloved teachers who have defied leftist administrators.

The release points to “a troubling trend among candidates running for school boards all over New Jersey.”

“What we’re seeing is a very small but very loud group of individuals who are running for seats on Boards of Education all over New Jersey in a campaign coordinated by, and funded by an extremist and Evangelical agenda, with the singular goal of pushing animosity aimed at LGBTQ+ students and the LGBTQ+ community in general,” NJ LGBTQ Democrats Chairwoman Lauren Albrecht says in the release.

“These candidates, and their backers, have one goal: to fill school boards with fringe extremists whose sole aim is to destroy the progress that’s been made for the LGBTQ community in our state.”

That is, the public is waking up and saying that along with masks and vaccines and Critical Race Theory, they don’t want Gay.

The release states that oppositional, conservative candidates “intentionally misrepresent the content, intent, and impact of the Inclusive Curriculum law. They seem to have no other reason for running than to ensure that LGBTQ+ children, who seriously consider suicide 4 times more often than their straight and cisgender counterparts, become campaign fodder.”

So, vote against these people or kids will commit suicide.

“These candidates no more belong on Boards of Education than religion belongs in our public schools,” asserts the release.


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