Monday, January 24, 2022
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Pro-Life Students’ Jumbo-Tron Ad Lights Up Times Square

The Christian Post - Pro-life student association Students for Life of America sponsored a giant video advertisement this week in Manhattan’s Times...

Adam Ford Pro-Life Message Reinstated After Censorship

A crisis of conscience appears to have changed some minds at Instagram after the platform censored a cartoon message by Adam Ford.

Pro-Abortionist Thief Beats Elderly Man For Praying, Advocating Life

Fox News - An 85-year-old pro-life man was assaulted as he prayed outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in San Francisco last...

Peggy Hubbard Emerges as Major Nightmare For Leftists

Peggy Hubbard is the ghetto-born critic of BLM/AntiFa liberals; she is pro-cop, a PD retiree, pro-America, small-government conservative, and as a candidate for the...

Rhode Island Seeks to Join NY for Abortion Hollocaust Law

Life Site News - On Tuesday, the Judiciary Committee of the Rhode Island state House approved a New York-style bill to liberalize...